Manipuri women’s polo and the Manipuri pony is gaining global exposure through the efforts of Huntré Equine founder Somi Roy, the All Manipur Polo Association, the Save the Manipuri Pony campaign, USPA, AAP, and many others.

Now, film maker Roopa Barua’s most recent production, Daughters of the Polo God,  is making its way through the film festival circuit. The shimmering emerald state of Manipur, India is the birthplace of modern polo with men having played there for several hundred years. Now it’s the turn for the young maidens to charge forward. A young polo sisterhood is developing in Manipur that ploughs on in spite of adversity and political turmoil. They are intensely connected to their sacred Manipuri pony and play an international tournament every year. This film is a tribute to these polo players and the modern Manipuri women.