Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

For centuries, women have been coming together to build greatness, to enhance the world, and bring everyone together. This is no different for the board of Women’s International Polo Network. The board members all had the same passion for polo, the desire to enhance and organize women’s polo globally, and the realization that these aspirations could not be attained individually. Just like one does on the polo field, these women came together as a team. Each with their own strengths, dreams, objectives, and goals they helped to build the WIPN. The dream has now become a reality.

The diverse impact, influence, and inspiration that each team member brings through their own experience on and off the field has helped make WIPN a site for everyone. It was important for the team from the beginning that the site was accessible to everyone. We didn’t want an association to define a player or to limit the new players from learning about the sport and then eventually joining that association. We wanted a site that was easy to navigate for quick reference, we wanted to give people the opportunity and ability to contact other polo people from across the globe. We wanted to build comprehensive global calendar of Women’s Tournaments to help increase exposure and participation in women’s polo. We wanted a platform for clubs to announce their tournaments and events. We wanted a way for women to have one credible source of information. We wanted to bring everyone together, players, associations and countries.

Each aspect and piece of the WIPN has been carefully thought out by each of the founding board members; down to the color of the logo and questions asked on the player profiles.

The site was a mere thought in March of 2018 and by August 2018 the site was coming to life. A GoFundMe me account was set to help raise the initial funding to build the network, and the message spread across the globe with women and men around the world helping to support WIPN. The board members realized they too need a team to help and thus created WIPN ambassadors. Comprised of both men and women around the world these ambassadors help spread the word in their home country and their local clubs. Just as the board, our ambassadors volunteer their time to help make women’s polo more professional, increase global exposure, and create opportunities for sponsorship and philanthropic outreach.

This dream has now become a reality. The Women’s International Polo Network was built by passion, leadership, and teamwork; just like winning a game on the polo field. The network is for polo women, by polo women. The founding members of Dawn Jones, Pamela Flanagan, Erica Gandomcar-Sachs, Courtney Asdourian, Ceclia Cochran, Kim DeLashmit, Taylor Scilufo, Amanda Cordsen-Iseminger, and Elizabeth Humphreys open their arms to you and look forward to having you as a part of the polo family.