The Ladies Polo League in California, hosted by La Herradura, is gearing up for its finale of the season: the Sunny Hale Invitational. The league has taken place every Friday evening throughout the summer and has seen 39 women come from up and down the coast to play.

Each Friday there are two games; a slower game to help newer players gain experience and a faster game to prepare local women for the Sunny Hale Invitational and the WPCO which takes place the following week.

One of the greatest successes of the league is the creation of opportunities for women in polo, both those that are new to the sport and those that want to advance within it. Several women started taking polo lessons at the beginning of the summer and by the end were participating in the lower level LPL games. Intercollegiate players came down from Central Coast Polo Club and had the opportunity to improve their grass polo games. This was the first season of the Ladies Polo League at La Herradura; it is exciting to see how the league develops in future and how many strong female players will be developed by the program.