Madelyn Cobb

Women's Outdoor Handicap

  • 4, USPA

Women's Arena Handicap

  • 6, USPA

Mixed Outdoor Handicap

  • .5, USPA

Mixed Arena Handicap

  • 2, USPA


  • United States


  • California

Registered Club

  • Menlo Polo Club

Registered Association Affiliation

  • USPA


  • English
Over 18

# of Horses

  • 6

Access to Horses Overseas

  • no, USA

Interscholastic/College Polo

  • yes, Cal Poly, SLO


  • no, United States

Certified Umpire

  • no

Strongest Position

  • 4


  • Medium (8 – 14 goals)

Major Tournaments

  • USPA Govnors Cup 6 goal
  • Empire Polo Club Lions Cup 8 goal
  • Santa Barbara 8 goal
  • New Bridge 8 goal
  • Aiken Polo 8 goal
  • Empire Polo 4 goal
  • Eldorado Polo 6 goal
  • Polo America Las Vegas
  • WCT Finals, Florida
Players are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their handicaps and profiles.

About Madelyn

Where did you start your polo: It’s a mix of three places; the Woodside Horse Park in Woodside, Ca, the Menlo Polo Club in Atherton, Ca and The Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, CA. Between these three places I started and fell even more in love with the sport. What got you into polo: My family. I’m a 4th generation polo player on my mom’s side and second on my dad’s. My great grandfather is Bill Gilmore who started and spear headed polo in the Bay Area ( San Fransisco and Menlo Park), was an active player and board member of the Santa Barbara Polo Club and was also one of the original members and share holders of the Thunderbird Polo Club which later became Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, Ca. My grandparents were Mack and Madelyn Jason who continued the polo legacy in CA, supporting both male and female players and clubs up and down the state. I grew up going to the Santa Barbara Polo club to watch the PCO with my grandparents, and then going to the Eldorado Polo Club in the weekends to play and watch Sunday polo from withe club house. Then my mother Lyn Jason Cobb introduced me to polo when I was teenager and have been hooked ever since. What year did you start: 2003 Where do you want your polo in five years: That is a good question, ideally I would be playing polo in the summer at the Jackson Hole Polo Club, making my own horses and both polo and general riding while also teaching riding and polo to those who live in Teton County. Then hopefully be able to spend parts of my winters in Indio, Ca. Playing polo either at the clubs (Eldorado and Empire) or at Deer Creek. All the while being able to travel to at least one or two new clubs a year to partake in polo all over the country and help it grow. Do you have a trade/ business/ degree/s. If yes may we have a brief description: I graduated from Cal Poly, SLO, in Dairy Science and a minor in Ag Communications, where I also played polo and help take the women’s team to Nationals all four years I was there. I also work with Kathy Linfoot filming polo games at Eldorado and Empire Polo Club during the winters and with Corky Linfoot with his green horses (when he lets me). I am also a certification Pilates Instructor and teach both in the desert and Jackson Hole, WY. Currently I am helping my boyfriend with his horse outfitting business which is located south of Yellowstone. Where I helping with the daily maintenance of the horses and outfit, taking clients on rides and also helping on pack trips into both the Teton Wilderness and YNP. Lastly I am working on my M3 clothing brand, which is also my horse brand and marketing it to the polo community and to women athletes and athletes in general. Your favorite polo field: It would either be field 1 of Eldorado Polo Club or the Zarcara field because it over looks the ocean in Goleta, CA. My favorite arena is the arena at the Santa Barbara Polo Club which also over looks the ocean. Your favorite horse and why: It is either Tina, who taught me how to play polo or Reindance who has taken me to be next level on the sport. However all of the horses I have now are amazing and are my favorite. Your favorite team mate: I would have to say my mom when she was playing. It was always great being able to share polo with her. What parts of the world have you played polo in: I’ve played polo all across the US, Canada (Calgary), and Argentina in Pilar. The most fun times in polo: For me being able to play with and against friends where everyone is enjoying the opportunity and improving at the same time. Your favorite quote: “HELLO”

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