Hosting a women’s tournament can be costly, and player fees help offset the cost of the event.  Over the years, a few clubs wishing to host women’s polo tournaments  and leagues have struggled to break even.  We always thank them for their generosity, but we as players need to be mindful of a club’s bottom line.  If we wish to participate in a well organized tournament or league, we need to be aware of the club’s budgetary requirements for the basics.  Depending upon the number of participants, and club location, player fees can range from as low as US$200 each player, into the thousands.  Thanks to Susie Kneece, manager of the Aiken, South Carolina Polo Club, and Erica Gandomcar-Sachs, manager of he Denver Polo Club, they have offered an example of the bare minimum expenses for hosting a tournament, and the services your tournament fees cover.

  • Two umpires per game:  US$400
  • Paramedic and ambulance:  US$400
  • Two flaggers:  US$80
  • Timer:  US$50
  • Third man:  US$50
  • Field put-back:  US$350 (every eight chukkers)
  • Vet horse ambulance:  US$200
  • Prizes:  US$250
  • Tournament party:  US$300

Total in this scenario for one team – $2,080.00
Beyond these minimum expenses, additional costs can multiply, depending upon the location and size of the event.

WIPN is interested in educating players about the basics club’s require to host their tournaments.  WIPN is also interested in finding ways to help reduce team entry fees for those who are financially challenged such as beginning players, beginning pros, and recent college grads.  Generating team sponsorships is one avenue of assistance.  Another cost reducing option for tournaments hosted in the United States at a USPA recognized club hosting a USPA sanctioned tournament along with a few other requirements can qualify for the Pump/8 program designed to help reduce umpire costs.

Learn more about the USPA Pump/8 (Professional Umpire Management Program)