On October 7, 2018, Tianjin Metropolitan played host to its second international ladies tournament in China. Four teams entered from around the world, including countries like Germany, U.K., Argentina and Austria. The teams played a two day tournament with a chance to win the 1003 Rose Polo Cup. The tournament was co-hosted by Tianjin Metropolitan and 1003 Polo School. The aim for the tournament was to bring female polo players together, bridging different cultures and encouraging more female Chinese players to join and take part in polo.

The sub-final was played by EB Communications against Shangri-La polo team. It was a very closely fought game but Shangri-La pushed hard in the last two chukkers to come out on top with a score of 7 goals to 2.

The final saw Jackie Wang’s Intrepida against Paris Luo’s I Do 1003 polo team. Defending champions Intrepida were out to reclaim the title and started strong by scoring the first goal. Both teams showed great horsemanship and skill on the field, proving women¹s polo at all levels is a great spectator sport. After a tough first half, Paris Lou¹ 1003 Polo Team came out focused in the third and secured a lead which they held and subsequently went on to win 6 – 2.5.

A huge thanks to all the sponsors and we hope that more women choose to visit China as a polo destination and experience the wonderful culture.

Here are a few quotes from the players:

The Rose Polo Cup brought together women from all different backgrounds to China and was a testament to women’s strength, resilience, and camaraderie. It was a memorable experience that challenged me both physically and mentally.” – Jackie Wang (Intrepida)

Photo credit Mark Saunders Polo Images

The EB Communications team had a wonderful time participating in this exciting event! We are thrilled to see how polo is developing in Asia, and we feel motivated to keep training to improve together for next year’s tournament!” – Ellie Briana Molyneux (EB Communications)

“It was an amazing experience playing the 1003 ladies rose polo tournament in Tianjin. The teams, the games and the atmosphere were great and – most importantly- the horses and the grooms did an amazing job! Thanks to all that were involved in organising this event!” Katalin Siklosi (Shangri-La)

“China was an incredible place to get to go and visit. It was amazing to see such a strong turnout of ladies polo in another place of the world, especially at a club like Tianjin where the facilities and ponies were all amazing.” – Kayley Smith (1003 Polo Team)


1. Katalin Sikorski 0
2. Christina Strasser 0
3. Runa Kawamoto 1
4. Alexandra Plenk 3


EB Communications 
1 – Eclair Chen 0
2- Jessie Chang 0
3 – Ellie Briana Molyneux 0
4 – Raphaela Goeschl 3


1- Jackie Wang 0
2- Jane Ayala 0
3- Carolina Brown Zavaleta 1
4- Marina Galarza 4


I Do 1003
1 – Paris Luo 0
2 – Kayley Smith 0
3 – Cicely Colthurst 1
4 – Rebecca Walters 5


Article submitted by Rebecca Walters